RadiaBeam Technologies is a rapidly growing R&D and manufacturing company specializing in the field of particle accelerator technology. Current areas of work include advanced accelerators for industrial and medical applications, novel radio frequency (RF) structures, and instrumentation and diagnostics for scientific research facilities. Our market is international, and to-date most of our sales revenue has come from outside the US.


RadiaBeam offers competitive benefits and a dynamic, flexible workplace with extensive opportunity for advancement. RadiaBeam is an equal opportunity employer.


One position is currently available at RadiaBeam Technologies


Research & Development Engineer


RadiaBeam Technologies is a successful, growing R&D and high-tech manufacturing company with headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. We develop novel particle accelerators and accelerator-related instrumentation, optical systems and advanced manufacturing techniques. We currently have approximately 50 employees.


RadiaBeam is hiring a Research & Development Engineer to support its ongoing accelerator systems development programs.


Job duties will include:

  • Design, simulate, and test accelerators and accelerator components.
  • Perform mechanical, thermal, magnetic design, and engineering of accelerator components and other scientific instrumentation.
  • Design and build RF structures, UHV beam diagnostics, and electromagnets.
  • Perform design, computer simulation, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, and implementation of QA procedures.
  • Write and review proposals, final reports, and technical papers (including peer-reviewed).
  • Collaborate with scientists and engineers as part of project teams.


The requirements for the position are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or related field, plus skills (gained through experience, education, or training) in accelerator and beam physics research;
  • Use of cylindrical Bragg fiber;
  • OOPIC simulation software investigation of electromagnetic problems


Interested applicants should send an email with a resume and a SHORT introduction (no cover letter!) to with "Research & Development Engineer" in the subject line.