Key Personnel


Ronald Agustsson, Vice President of Engineering (ext. 154).  Mr. Agustsson is a diversely proficient accelerator engineer with nearly a decade of hands-on experience in the field of experimental accelerator physics. His principal aptitudes include magnetics design/engineering, RF structure engineering/fabrication and vacuum engineering/fabrication. He also manages all in-house fabrication.  
Gerard Andonian, Ph.D., Research Scientist (ext. 157).  Dr. Andonian recieved his Ph.D. in Physics from UCLA in 2006. He currently leads several projects at RadiaBeam including the Real-Time Interferometer, a novel single-shot longitudinal bunch length diagnostic and explorations into accelerator modeling using a user-friendly, modular approach for emission processess of high brightness electron beams.  
Salime Boucher, President (ext. 153).  Mr. Boucher’s previous experience as an engineer with SureBeam Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial accelerator systems for food irradiation and product sterilization, inspired him to research new radiation sources for commercial applications, which led to the founding of RadiaBeam Technologies. His areas of expertise are commercial applications of accelerators, RF design, and beam dynamics simulations.  
  Luigi Faillace, Ph.D., RF Engineer (ext. 112). Dr. Faillace received his Ph.D. in Electromagnetism from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2010. He has also worked on the SPARC project, a Free Electron Laser at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati, Rome, and as a Research Scholar at the UCLA Particle Beam Physics Laboratory. His expertise focuses on the design of novel structures for high-power applications and photoinjectors for high-brightness beam generation, as well as electromagnetics and beam dynamics simulations.   
Pedro Frigola, Research Engineer (ext. 156).  Mr. Frigola is a recognized authority in accelerator engineering, having served for more than a decade as the principal engineer of the UCLA Particle Beam Physics lab. His particular skills are 3D magnetic simulation, Finite Element Analysis, and mechanical engineering.  
Alex Murokh, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer (ext. 158).  Dr. Murokh received his Ph.D. in experimental physics from UCLA in 2002 and joined RadiaBeam in 2005 after completing his Postdoctoral appointment. Dr. Murokh's research interests are focused in the physics of high brightness electron beams and free electron lasers; with the emphasis on diagnostic and manipulation techniques for ultra-fast beams and interaction processes.  
Professor James Rosenzweig, Advisor and Co-Founder.  James Rosenzweig is a professor of physics in the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy, and is the Director of Particle Beam Physics Laboratory. In addition to his well-known research in advanced accelerators and free-electron lasers, he has been involved in industrial applications of accelerators since 1993.  

Marcos Ruelas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing (ext. 117).  Mr. Ruelas graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Physics. As an undergraduate working in the UCLA Particle Beam Physics Laboratory, he worked in beam-plasma interactions through simulation, hardware and experimentation. At RadiaBeam, he was formerly the Director of Instrumentation and led RadiaBeam’s development efforts in beam diagnostics, magnet metrology and control and simulation software. He is skilled in mechanical design, beam imaging and diagnostics and project management.

  Alexei Smirnov, Ph.D., Research Scientist (ext. 125). Dr. Smirnov is an active and experienced researcher in the field of accelerators and charged particle beam physics and wakefields, FEL beam dynamics and advanced magnets, EM propagation, high power microwave and vacuum electronic devices. His experimental, analytical, and theoretical developments, findings, and inventions in physics, engineering, and mathematics are presented in over a dozen of patents, three invited articles in collection books, more than twenty invited talks in leading institutions, and dozens of articles in peer-review journals (over a hundred publications in total).