Numerical Solutions


Radtrack: A user-friendly, modular simulation code for emission processes from high-brightness electron beams

As particle accelerators push to produce higher brightness beams and shorter time and wavelength scale radiation, computation modeling of these beams becomes more challenging. Relativistic beam modeling requires the stitching together of outputs of multiple codes, which come with steep learning curves and are inadequate for lab diagnostics.  A modeling code employing an intuitive user interface with an emphasis on modeling diagnostics using a modular approach is the critical bridge between theory and experiment.


RadiaBeam is developing a user-friendly, modular radiation code that accurately models the observable radiation emitted by high-brightness beams.  The emphasis of the code will be on actual measurable quantities detectable by real diagnostics, such as angular distribution and spectrum.  The user-friendly interface of the code will eliminate the steep learning curves that other codes possess.  This modular approach allows for the straightforward addition of advanced computational algorithms.


The successful development of the radiation code will aid in the design of future accelerators as well as optimize the day-to-day operations of present day accelerators.  The software will benefit accelerator users across all fields, including medical imaging accelerators and materials science, as the diagnosis of accelerated beams is crucial.  The software will also improve efficiency and decrease downtime by eliminating steep learning curves associated with other programs.