Demonstration of a compact narrow-bandwidth THz source

RadiaBeam Technologies has developed and demonstrated a compact source of narrow bandwidth free space THz radiation.  A thermionic injector generates electron beam, which is compressed in an alpha magnet and propagated through a few cm-long corrugated pipe radiator.  A prototype system was commissioned at Argonne National Laboratory, and demonstrated a strong signal (> 100 kW peak power), at 500 µm wavelength, in ~ 5% bandwidth.

Such compact stand-alone source of tunable THz radiation, with high peak and average power, can significantly enhance practical viability of THz spectroscopy, imaging, and pump-probe applications in many disciplines, including chemistry, medicine, material science, drug discovery, security, and nanoengineering.

As shown in Fig. 1, the entire prototype system fits on a single optical table, and the field deployable system can be reduced much further in size. The commercial version of the system will be offered to customers in 2015, starting at $600 K.  The system will be sold as a stand-alone THz source, and include multiple options, such as THz diagnostics suite and software.  Synchronized X-ray and optical laser add-on modules are also available.

The development of RadiaBeam THz source was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy SBIR Contract No. DE-SC0007702.  We also thank our colleagues and collaborators at Argonne Photon Source, for their outstanding contribution to this project.

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