Transverse Diagnostics

Transverse Profile Monitor (TPM)

RadiaBeam Technologies introduces a new concept in beam imaging: an integrated system of components that can be reconfigured and interchanged. You can change a YAG screen to a TR source or swap out fiducial masks with ease. Your parts count and spares needs decrease while system flexibility increases.

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Estimated Prices
TPM Plunger
TPM with Vacuum Chamber
Turnkey TPM with Vacuum and Optics

TPM Plunger

RadiaBeam's transverse profile monitors form an integrated beam imaging system with a modular design. Our UHV-ready plungers can be outfitted with standard-sized screens and mirrors with viewable apertures ø18 mm, ø25 mm, ø35 mm, and ø50 mm. Plungers can feature multiple positions and an optional ultrathin backing mirror allows for normal beam incidence and ease of viewing.

All plungers can be delivered with a wide range of screens and are easy to replace as requirements change.

  • Standard apertures of ø18, 25, 35, and 50 mm
  • Normal incidence (with backing mirror) or 45˚ with respect to beam
  • UHV-ready stainless steel construction
  • Ready to mount to industry-standard actuators
  • Delivered with user-replaceable diagnostic screens

TPM with Vacuum Chamber

In addition to vacuum ready transverse profile monitors, RadiaBeam can deliver flange-to-flange profile monitor systems, complete with actuators, viewports, and stands in a UHV-ready condition. Our standard ø18, 25, 35, and 50 mm aperture systems are housed in 2.75"CF, 3.38"CF, 6"CF, and 6"CF (DN40, DN50, DN63, DN63) chambers, respecitvely. Wahtever your needs, RadiaBeam can match your requirements and has done so for over a dozen customers and with nearly a hundred profile monitrs delivered.

  • Pneuamtic actuators with up to 4 positions
  • Stepper motor actuators
  • Metric or inch hardware
  • Certified particulate-free processing
  • UHV/XHV ready with leak-check and RGA certicifcates

Turnkey TPM with Vacuum and Optics

For the ultimate trunkey-solution, we offer complete transverse profile monitor systems with a profile monitor and vacuum, as described above with the addition of a matched optical system.

Some options include:

  • Compact-flange mounted systems
  • >1 meter achromatic transports for high-radiation environments
  • Built-in alignment periscope
  • Industry standard, EPICS ready GigE cameras
  • Virtual target systems for aon line resolution and focus controls
  • Remotely focusable optics
  • Filter wheels
  • Integrated shielding
  • Resolutions to single micron level

Single Crystal YAG:Ce

YAG:Ce single crystal scintillators are the standard in beam imaging and feature a high yield, an emission wavelength well-matched to CCD cameras, and high radiation hardness. In addition to bare screens, we offer metallization for charge disipation and fiducial marks directly applied to the screen.

Yield 3.5e4 photons/MeV
Emission Wavelength 550 nm
Maximum diameter 5.1 cm typical
10.5 cm possible
Standard Thickness 100 µm or thicker typical
30 µm possible
Decay Time 70 ns

OTR Screen

We offer Optical Transition Radiation screens in various configurations. In addition to silicon wafers and stretched foils, we also offer 100 µm thick aluminum sheets and super-polished aluminum.


Silicon Wafers

Our robust aluminized silicon wafers are made from a 50 nm aluminum layer deposited on a 250 µm thick silicon wafer. Silicon's low stopping power produces little downstream radiation and their low cost make them a standard option for high quantities.


Stretched Foils

Stretched foils are available in standard thicknesses of 1, 10, and 25 µm for minimal X-ray generation. Aluminum foil is the most economial choice but Titanium and copper are also available.


Bulk metal

Sheets and superpolished metal are also avaialble to fulfill a wide range of applications.

Fiducial Mask

Fiducial masks and conductive screens as a permanent imprint on the screen surface or as standalone items.

Permanent imprints are provided thorugh etching of the surface, metal deposition or laser marking.

Stand-alone fiducials are offered as small-feature (sub-micron) test targets or trough etching of aluminum sheets with 100 micron features.


Chromox (Al2O3:Cr) is an extremely bright screen with a long ~300 ms decay time and low resolution. It is ideal for beam finding of larger beams or when operating with extremely low charge density.


Yield 5e4 photons/MeV
Emission wavelength 690 nm
Maximum diameter 10 cm
Standard thickness 500 µm
Decay Time 300 ms

Single Crystal LSO:Ce

LSO:Ce has properties similar to the popular YAG:Ce scintillator but radiates at 420 nm. The shorter wavelength has been used to diminsh the effects of Coherent OTR poisoning of beam images.


Yield 2.8e4 photons/MeV
Emission Wavelength 420 nm
Maximum diameter 5.1 cm
Standard Thickness 250 µm
Decay Time 45 ns

P22 Phosphor

P-22 phosphor (ZnS:Ag Type 1330) is a robust beam imaging solution for low energy electron beams. Applied to either a conductive glass or stainless steel substrate, phosphors have a lower saturation and damage threshold then other screen types we offer. However, they are low cost and can be produced applied over large areas.

Two types are offered. For UHV applicaitons, no binder is used and so are extremely fragile. For more robustness, a binder can be used that limits the vacuum level to ~10e-7 torr but is recommended when using actuators.

Standard diameters are 12.7 mm (1/2"), 19.1 mm (3/4"), 25.4 mm (1"), and 38.1 mm (1.5"), but larger circular and rectangular sizes are routinely provided.

Beam Profile Screens

RadiaBeam has provided custom-sized screens to the accelerator community since our inception. Let us offer our expertise in selecting the proper screen for your application.

Many screens are kept in-stock for quick turn-around, but we can also supply oddly-shaped or challenging geometries.

Product Name
Estimated Prices
Fiducial Mask
OTR Screen
P22 Phosphor
Single Crystal LSO:Ce
Single Crystal YAG:Ce

Wire Scanners

RadiaBeam Technologies introduces a line of custom XFEL-quality wire scanners. With fast actuation, small wire size, low-vibration and integrated detection methods, a resolution below 10 microns is possible in a compact package.

Product Name
Estimated Prices
Custom Wire Scanner
3-axis Wire Scanner

Custom Wire Scanner

In addition to our standard wire scanner, we offer:

  • Larger forks for hadron beams, up to several 10s of cm
  • Smaller chambers for small beams, with insertion lengths as short as 75 mm
  • Fiber-coupled "wires" using cherenkov light produced in an optical fiber
  • Rotating "flying" wires
  • Other wire materials and thicknesses

3-axis Wire Scanner

RadiaBeam introduces a wire scanner designed for high brightness applications. Unlike screen monitors, wire scanners are immune from Coherent OTR effects while maintaining a resolution below 10 microns.

The scanner itself consists of three 25-µm tungsten wires (others available) oriented horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  Each wire is moved through the beam, generating bremsstrahlung radiation that is detected downstream by a beam loss monitor. Correlation of bremsstrahlung intensity and wire position results in a plot of beam intensity vs. X-, Y-, and U- (45° diagonal).

  • Designed for high-brightness beams and in use at an XFEL
  • Large range of beam sizes (up to 25 mm)
  • Short scan time with linear motor
  • Easy control over ethernet
  • Remote monitoring of wire integrity